At the section " luxury leather goods " you will find shoes, boots and other leather goods which are made by me, Christian Pohen, here in Wagenfeld!

Everyone is invited to visit me in my little shop!

" Luxury leather goods " Is the name created for hand made shoes, which is kind of a luxury in this days.
The best way to produce historical replicas is by manual labor, when we wish for a perfect reproduction. There were no machines , no suitable adhesive etc. At the time,  everything was made by hand with simple tools!
And it was also a completely different way of working ! No machine can reproduce a saddle stitch and no machine can imitate the techniques you need for a turning Sewn shoe! Machines work faster, cheaper ... but also in a different way ...

My prices are a solid calculation of material costs and time... To historically reproduce 100 % correct footwear and leather goods in general is a tedious manual work that takes a lot of time and time is money nowadays ...
Some pieces take up to 3-4 days of work to complete and I consider myself as a skilled worker.
 Unfortunately, people lost any relation to the actual value for simple items such as clothing and shoes, when they are handmade.

So, back to Wagenfeld ...

All items shown under " luxury leather goods " are lovingly handmade articles in my little workshop.
 The materials are just the best! For each item there is an exact research!
We use only the best leather like bovine and goat tanned in Germany .

All items are unique pieces that are only made by order! For detailed descriptions please can read the individual article description or write an email directly to me.

All shoes, boots and leather goods are ONLY EXAMPLES! The products shown here are only a rough framework to demonstrate what is possible to do and what it costs. If you have specific wishes and ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me. Almost anything is possible ...
If you like something , however , you can, of course, order it...